The Editors Keys Studio Series Portable Vocal Booths are used worldwide by some of the worlds leading TV and Audio companies (as well as hundreds of freelancers), who often let us know how they've been using the booths.

Here's a little list of some of the places the Vocal Booth is used today: (some even surprised us!)

  • In offices for recording voice overs.
  • In recording studios as a tool to add extra clarity when recording vocals.
  • Used by the Rocky Horror Show off stage to perform the narration for the live introductions to the audience.
  • Used by news channels for recording voice overs for broadcast news pieces, which would otherwise be impossible to record in loud situations such as wars, natural disasters or large public gatherings.
  • Gamers are using them to record game commentaries.
  • Singers recording YouTube demos and covers.
  • Bands and singers recording demos at home or home studio.
  • TV production companies use them for recording voice overs onto their productions.
  • Hypnotherapists are even using them to record their therapy in soothing high quality!

If you're using the Vocal Booth is a new or strange place, let us know and we'll feature it here!

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